Wow! That’s the entire past four days of SXSW summed up into one word. Friday-Saturday I think was perhaps the most jam packed 24 hour period of my entire life and dang was it ever fun!  I got to Austin Thursday around 5:30 pm or so after a 6 hour drive that turned into 7 1/2 after traffic. I got off of the highway and rolled onto 6th Street only to have my brakes on my car complete cut out and to rear-end the car infront of me! Luckily I had slowed down enough that there was no real damage or anything, but jesus let me tell ya, you get your blood pumping when you find yourself surrounded by drunk and high hipsters darting out into traffic when you have no brakes on your car haha. Two hours later AAA arrived to save me and about $1,100 and two days later I got my car back. But that means the whole weekend I spent at the mercy of rides I could find and at one time a bus… But I think this was for the best as it forced me to get out and do a lot of things.

I’m typing this right now Sunday night where I just got home around three and took a little nap till about seven because I was operating on one hour of sleep… A move I don’t recommend for long drives haha. I still feel a little like death, and therefore I’m going to let the pictures do the talking so I don’t ramble and sound stupid :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and for those of you who it applies to, Spring Break!
-Andrew J

My poor little car being taken away
Savannah and I went to Threadgill’s where Janis Joplin was discovered… and the chicken fried steak was amazing! I see why they call it world famous!I had to get a picture of the raccoon tail hat this girl was rocking
This girl was part of the band Eternal Summer (I believe was their name), the first band I heard at SXSW and part of the catalogue of bands at Gorilla vs. Bear
The Bitters from Canada
The Woodsmen were awesome!



  1. Looks like an awesome time – a people-watching fairy tale!

  2. This is an incredible chronicle of the events at Sx via imagry. Love it. See my Top Ten 2010 SxSW Band Show List at Cheers. Slummy

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