The weekend started off with lunch with the lovely Marion at The Mont near campus. We were going to do O’Connell’s and have a total junkfood day with the Ranch-hand Burger, but perhaps lucky for us, Campus Corner was absolute SWAMPED… I blame spring break. After lunch we met up with Dominique and then went into OKC and did about an hour of shopping for the upcoming Muse concert. Later that evening, I saw She’s Out Of My League, and it was such a cute movie. I highly recommend it for a date/ feel good movie.

Saturday I had to head down to Dallas for a casting call which I’ll hear back on on Wednesday, I tried to go by Sprinkles cupcakes to get a little treat for myself, but the line was out the door so I nixed that and just headed home to a low key evening. Oh yeah! I’m baby sitting my mom and sister’s dogs while they are in Mexico for a month, so I never want to leave them for long.

Sunday I slept in extremely late, as my own little personal way of sticking it to Daylight Savings Time, then I met up with Tyler for dinner and drinks at our traditional Tarahumara’s (he couldn’t make it Friday so we had to postpone). After that we got the evening going by heading over to Dominique’s house for a hardcore game of Beatles Rock Band. I wore my Ben Sherman “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” shirt in anticipation of chiming in on “She loves me yeah, yeah, yeah…”  Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J

Someone didn’t know how to use my focus haha.


One Response to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. I love Dominique’s entire outfit!

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