Today we have a great blogger gracing Me & Marisa from across the pond. Her name is Pearl Westwood and she lives in the UK. We became blogger friends not too long after Me & Marisa launched so I’m so thrilled she agreed to do a guest blog for us. Her style is avant-garde and always original paying homage to classic looks mixed with current trends, not to mention she is one of the best bloggers I’ve ever seen at picture refferencing to prove her points and showcase her topics. Without further adieu, I give you Pearl Westwood :)!
P.S. Check out her blog at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, it’s on the right hand column in our blogroll!
-Andrew J

Wearing: Prada Orange vest, Topshop jeans and tee, Chanel boots, Mulberry scarf, clutch and belt

Wearing: Prada cardigan and clutch, Zara trousers and boots, Karl Largerfeld for H&M tee

If there is one thing us Brit girls are obsessed with it is US girls’ style and so of course girls in the States want to know all about UK girls’ style! I think the main thing with British style is that we mix it all up and have a really eclectic and laid back approach to dressing. I think this is why we are trying to steal your Olivia Palermo, we love that perfectly polished look. So here are some of my style influences for two of my favourite outfits.

The Prada 2007 A/W collection has to be one of my absolute favourite so I am always on the lookout for pieces from it. In the second outfit I’ve used the bright bag to add a colour pop to the black and grey. In the first outfit I have taken influence from Mulberry’s colour clashing and piled on the orange and pink, but grounded it with the blue jeans.

I have a huge scrap book which I used to keep track of colour and styling forms that I really like, then when I need some inspiration I can just flip through the book. These are the pages that inspired these two outfits.

Finally I couldn’t leave you without some photo’s of Alexa Chung (if you don’t know Alexa she is our Olivia), as I think her style really represents what us Brit girls are all about!

Big thanks to Andrew J for asking me to guest post on Me & Marisa,




  1. Hey, it looks good, I must say I really like how the look book pages work with you black back ground! Glad you had such an awsome time in LA, the shots are amazing!! x

    • Me & Marisa Says:

      It did turn out well didn’t it :)? Thank you again so much. You know I’m a fan of your blog so now I have a little bit of Pearl on the site haha. And yes, LA was an absolute BLAST I cannot wait to go back. I missed so many things about that place.

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  3. Nice stuff from UK – interesting to see… she would look better if she lost about 30 pounds

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