Okay so part 2 :). Saturday woke up a little later, slow start to the day. Then headed out to Griffith Park to do some shooting at the Observatory. Got some more great shots. After that, we went in search of food and ended up in WeHo at the Brazilian restaurant Bosa Nova. The food was absolutely AMAZING. My friend Ricky showed up towards the tail end of dinner and we ended up staying at the restaurant for something like 3 hours. We left around 8 and then headed to The Bridge Deluxe movie theater in, I believe, Culver City and saw Shutter Island (my second time). It was equally as good and in a way I’m glad I saw it twice because I caught so many thing the second time that I didn’t catch in the first viewing. It was a really, really wonderful night and despite the fact I only had about three hours of sleep before I had to get up to catch my 7 am flight out of LAX I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Hope you are having a good day, enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Way to NOT smile Michael…
James Dean baby!
He wanted a pic where he looked like he was hanging on to a statue, I thought it looked extremely funny from the side 🙂
The most colorful Starbucks I have ever seen.
The most scandalous billboard I have ever seen… Only in Hollywood
For any of you celebrity whores, here is The Abbey where many a celebs can be spotted on any given night. Bosa Nova was right across the street.Some cheerleaders started doing stunts outside of the Abbey to get people to go check out the sports bar for their fundraiser. Only in LA.
It came an absolute downpour while we were eating and got so cold we had to move inside the restaurant
Some big boot in Houston that I liked


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