Has anyone else noticed this as of late? I don’t know how you couldn’t honestly, it seems to be the hot thing right now in the world of fashion; Guys looking like girls, and girls dressing like guys. The lines of physicality seem to be blurring more and more every day and I can’t help but wonder why? Are designers becoming lazy and trying to get us used to wearing the same thing so they only have to design one line that guys and girls will share? In Detail’s 10th Anniversary issue, the magazine’s headline read “The Remasculination of the American Man”, but as I’m about to show you… I think that was just wishful thinking on their part.
-Andrew J

Uber pretty guys:

In this photo they even overlayed what looks like a photo of Jessica Stam to blur the lines even more.

Nothing at all against guys with long hair. I personally like it a lot and think it gives a cool look… but at first, I thought this magazine cover was a woman.

Arthur Sales exudes the most masculinity of any of these, but even he looks a tad girlish in this photo.

Guys in women’s clothes/make-up:
I only showed a couple here with Cole Mohr, but that’s just because those were two of the most readily available ones I could find. There are loads more out there.

Todd Lynn decked out in massive fur… Fur can be ver masculine, but somehow it just isn’t happening here.

Guys in very effeminate poses:

This photo with Carolyn Murphy for V Magazine, you would expect the roles to be reversed; him clothed and her naked and coming out of the water. But instead, he is in the extremely vulnerable position. Just a shift from what people are used to seeing.

I’m not sure what about this picture of Ash Stymest struck me as feminine… Perhaps it’s the shirt (which see-through fabrics are very in this fall for men. Therefore I suppose this could have gone in the “Guys in Women’s Clothes” category).

On the ladies side, we have icons like Tilda Swinton who is famous for doing her best Annie Hall at ever available moment.

Also, this looks like a man in a woman’s dress, I’m sorry, it does.

Rag & Bone in their Pre Fall line dressed women like boys

This outfit is basically the same as the one below on a guy-

So am I crazy? Or has anyone else noticed this?



  1. Most guys would rather self mutilate than find themselves in any of these six scenarios. Fashion Magazine

  2. Maybe it’s playing to the homosexual community? No idea. I think androgyny is cool to a certain extent, but it kind of goes against the natural allure of each sex. Men are men. Women are women. Whether you are a woman that likes men or a woman that likes women, you’re attracted to them because of their masculinity or femininity. Maybe it’s like fooling yourself into thinking you’re on time by setting your clock ahead five minutes… Slap a man in women’s clothing, and voila! You have a woman?

  3. I think the one in the dress, ontop of the rag & bone pics, is a guy lol

  4. I think it showcases that fashion’s sole purpose isn’t to attract the opposite sex or be so distinctly one way or the other. I actually love androgyny in fashion. My own personal taste swings towards the masculine and my favorite outfits are inspired directly from masculine designs. For example, I have several outfits directly inspired/translated from Michael Bastian’s Fall 2010 collection (love!).

    The Fashionisto has some pretty androgynous examples in the recent posts as well.

  5. women loves deep colors so i think that the best womans clothing should have bright and beautiful colors ‘*”

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