This weekend was PACKED with fun times with friends! Friday did the traditional lunch/dinner with Tyler and Jonathan at Tarahumara’s. Wasn’t starving, so I got the shrimp cocktail which was absolutley delicious! I was a little surprised since, well let’s face it, I’m a little land locked. After dinner we headed out to go see The Crazies at The Warren Theater, but of course, they were sold out (typical), so instead we went to The Harkin in Bricktown. The movie was surprisingly good, I mean as far as movies of that genre go. It certanly had me jumping out of my seat a couple times. As we were leaving, I saw the TALLER hair I may have ever seen in my life. So of course I got a photo. After the movie, we went to my friend Melissa’s birthday party for a while and then hit the town. PS I keep forgetting my camera, so the pics from the weekend are brought to you in part by… my iPhone!

Saturday evening, Nicolas and I met up with some friends from Gaylord’s School of Journalism after they finished up with the Addy Awards (Awards for Advertising) downtown OKC at the gorgeous Skirvin Hotel. It was my first time going to the Skirvin and I honestly had no idea anything like this was in Oklahoma City. I really missed all of those people and haven’t seen any of them since I graduated, so it was great to catch up. We hung out in their hotel room for a bit before heading out to bar hop a bit. Ended up going to Tapwerks in Bricktown and ended our night at IHOP. Really a great night and I can’t wait to see all of them again.
St. Bernardus Tripel is perhaps my new favorite.

Sunday… I slept :). Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J


2 Responses to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. Hey Andrew J, how ru? Finally I got time to do the guest post for you!! I’ve never done a guest post before so how do I get it to you, do I just email you the text and images – sorry cant seem to find an email on the blog, mine is fashionpearlsofwisdom@googlemail.com, so drop me a line if you still want some crazy English girl on your blog 😉 P

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