Coco Chanel said that you should always look in the mirror and take off one accessory before leaving the house. I couldn’t agree more with Coco… it’s just hard sometimes when you have lots of new things to play around with haha. But alas, you know you’ve seen the accessory overload victims, and no one wants to look like that.
Yesterday I was going through wardrobe of what I’m wanting to take to Los Angeles next week, and I realized I have acquired quite a few new accessories for the shoot. So of course… I took pictures haha. Hope you’re having a great day, enjoy!
-Andrew J

Shades of Greige scarf. I bought this back in November but for some reason had it shipped to my parents house where it’s been sitting in the shipping box until this weekend when I rescued it. Still trying to figure out the best way to wear it, but I like.

Love these. Here are two things actually, my new studded wrap braclet from Urban Outfitter, and my friend Nicolas got me a Marc Jacobs braclet when he visited Chicago recently. Inscription reads ” Veritas Inlustrat” or “Truth Illuminates”. I have hardly taken it off since I’ve gotten it.These necklaces are just for my photoshoot as they are a little too… I don’t even know the word, for me to wear around on a daily basis haha.
And I know it was on the last post, but it bears repeating because it is my favorite accessory right now hands down.


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