I’ve been collecting these photos for the past few weeks of some of my favorite shoes I’ve been seeing. I’m liking three things right now: Wrap around laces, Shiny shoes, and (don’t laugh) velcro/buckle embelishments. But first things first; here is my favorite pair; Gucci baby. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Gucci SS 2010 Belt Sneakers

Alright a couple random ones too:Bear with me on this one because I want these ASAP if not sooner! They are Diet Butcher Slim Skin SS 2010 Horse Hair Sneakers
Nike quilted shoes (LOVE these!)
Gourmet Spring 2010

Wrap Around LacesDior Homme by Kris Van Assche
Kris Van Assche

Shiny ShoesPrada SS 2010

John Lawrence Sullivan Stud Shoes

Velcro/Buckle EmbelishmentsMartin Margiela SS 2010
Raf Simons SS 2010 Astronaut Sneakers

Ateliers Arthur Fall 2010

Android Homme Spring 2010 Propulsion II


3 Responses to “SHOES SHOES SHOES”

  1. “High tops” are back. 😉

  2. I’m so proud of how I helped encourage this shoe fetish… 🙂


  3. diana liz mouette Says:

    enjoyed your blog so much.. loved it!

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