This weekend was actually pretty fun. Simultaneously busy and low key.
Friday: Worked till about three, then I figured it was a lost cause and took off for the evening. Met up with my friend Tyler at his place and then went for Margaritas and Mexican food at my favorite Mexican restaurant Tarahumara’s here in Norman. Their sangria margarita swirl is just about the best thing ever, but be careful… one and you are good, two; have fun standing up… I kept it to one ;). After that watched the Olympics opening ceremonies and then a few of us ducked out to go see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Only it was sold out, so ended up waiting around at the movie theater for an hour and then saw Valentines Day. I figured it was appropriate. Great movie by the way, and strangely enough didn’t make me feel sad about Valentines Day ha.

The Warren Theater, iPhone pic trying to capture how foggy it was… not very successfully I might add.

Saturday: Got up to watch the Lacoste fashion show at 9:30 (really early I know), only to have it never load for me on Facebook. Bah! It was really really gorgeous that day though so I got out of the house and went and drove around, grabbed lunch, did errands, and browsed the bookstore (my favorite pasttime). I also decided to get a little creative over the weekend so I picked up a Calvin Klein suit coat and started experimenting on it… That post will be tomrrow ;).

Sunday: Ah yes, Valentines Day. Hopefully you and your loved one had a very special one! I myself, being by myself, decided to have a Valentines Day  with myself ha. And looking back on it now, it was actually a very enjoyable one. First off I watched the Calvin Klein men’s show live. Then feeling inspired again I finished off a good portion of my Calvin Klein jacket, pictured below (still have some rough edges to finish off), then I went to the store, got myself some chocolates (a rather large box actually), made myself dinner that evening, music, candles, relaxed in the tub and then ended the whole night by watching Sunset Boulevard while coming to the conclusion once again of; They just don’t make ’em like they used to. All in all, a very good day and a very good weekend. Hope yours was wonderful as well!
-Andrew J



  1. I like that your ring and necklace mirror the current green accent trend. 😉

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