Today I watched the Ports 1961 show live on and I was actually pretty excited. It was my first legit fashion show to ever see “live” and I really enjoyed getting into it. The show itself only lasted about 11-12 minutes, and they ran nearly 30 minutes late… but with the snow and such, who could blame them? I took some notes, and a lot of pictures of my favorite outfits (though I do apologize ahead of time for the picture quality). Having not had a great deal of familiarity with the Ports brand, I have to say I am now a fan. They put out some really great designs and I love their color pallet. On to the notes and then the pictures. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

  • Opening look (sadly I didn’t get a picture…), very 20’s flapper. The flapper theme was pervasive throughout a large part of the show; The flapper hat (including an odd take on the traditional flapper hat where a large bill was extended out from the back), clean lines with the dresses, and just that overall lack of figure fitting garb- a look extremely popular in the ‘20s.
  • Shag sweater with shawl neck collar
  • Boots and loose fitting sweater dresses were a GREAT look.
  • Lots of shiny black materials, as well as several colorful metallic fabrics.
  • Very angular designs that still looked quite comfortable.
  • Big colors from the line; Browns, grey, beige, dark red, plum, bronze, and a blue print that words fail me on. You just have to see it.

Really like this necklace, it reminds me of a tree stump that has been hollowed out.
Love the look with the shiny black skirt.
Pretty sure I saw this model on The Cut‘s video diary on style for “The Model Who Buys Fake Glasses” very distinctive nose.
The red outfit moved so nicely on the runway
The backs of the dresses were beautiful, but the camera hardly ever stayed on them long enough for me to get a decent shot.
How do you describe this pattern? It’s beautiful.
This was the blue pattern I was talking about, it remind me of the ocean at night or something.
This closing look was really ugly… I’m sorry, it just looked like they had too many things going on and the dress was just… well… gross.
Ports designers



  1. I really like the monochromatic combos. Obviously no need to contrast dresses, tights, and shoes…keep it blending and flowing! GREAT!!!

    (The blue dress is beautiful, and so is the Asian model wearing it!)

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