I’ve been feeling a little bored/inspired lately (I find the two often go hand in hand), and wanted to do something new… So, I decided to try my first DIY. For those of you who have never seen any Home Depot commercials, that’s Do It Yourself ha. But I mean it more in terms of clothing than construction. I decided to get a tank and alter it. Please keep in mind this is my FIRST attempt at doing ANYTHING to clothing so I started very simple. Going to walk you through what I did step by step to edge up my DIY tank a bit: 

Start with your “ingredients”; safety pins, scissors, measuring tape, white pencil, and of course your tank.

On a bit of a slant (to account for the contours of your body), mark two lines, using the measuring tape and white pencil.

Take those scissors and cut along the white lines.

Take your safety pins and insert along the cuts to rebind the tank but with a bit of space this time.

And there you go. Simple no?

-Andrew J


2 Responses to “MY FIRST DIY”

  1. That is awesome!!

  2. […] but I figured I would do a quick post showing the step by step of it, much like I did for the DIY Tank I did […]

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