Belts Galore!: I started noticing this trend a little while back, but I’m just now getting around to reporting on it. Belts are no longer meant just to be worn through belt loops… no, no, no. Now I know the girls got this trend a little earlier than guys did, but this is one that I’m glad to see has jumped the great gender divide. Right now I’m seeing belts everywhere from being laced around suits, to around the arms of jackets (this one I first saw last spring and displayed it in a photoshoot), to even sandals with “belts” incorporated in unorthodox ways.

 I’m Seeing Green: I’m seeing green EVERYWHERE right now. I dare say that it is the color of the season for accents. For men, it can be seen typically in the darker shades and used in either a scarf or a blazer. While women are tending to incorporate the color more into their jewelry.


Color Blocking: It’s the ‘60s all over again and I’m loving every minute of it! This trend, much like the belt trend, is crossing that great divide

The Super Wedge: I’m not a fan of this trend, I feel like women’s shoes were getting to be SO pretty- Absolute works of art. And now… these… Wedges… Whose sole purpose (pun intended) it is to be as tall as possible. There just isn’t much style to them if you ask me. They were fun with Alexander McQueen, but let’s move on. They feel a bit like the Japanese women who bound their feet in those extremely tall shoes to me…


See-Through Fabric: Okay maybe guys and girls are just wearing the same things and it’s just being cut differently. Mesh, super-thin shirts, and see-through fabrics are VERY big right now

Denim for the Dudes: What more is there to say? For guys, it’s the hottest fabric of the year!

The Fashionisto


3 Responses to “WHAT I’M SEEING RIGHT NOW”

  1. Love Denim for Dudes.

    Hate the crazy wedges / platforms. I agree with you – shoes have gotten sooooo pretty for women, and soooo fun to wear and show off! I’m sticking with them, no matter what the wedge fanatics say……

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