This weekend was actually surprisingly eventful, though I was a bad blogger and didn’t take many pictures :(.
Friday night it turned out that all of my friends here in Norman were otherwise engaged, so I decided to head down to Dallas and go to a little fashion and trunk show that a friend of mine was doing. The event was held at a club though, so I didn’t want to take my big clunky camera inside. Before that though I met up with my friends Shruti, Shalini and Priya in Richardson for dinner. Really made me realize how much I miss those girls. Show started at 10 and then I did something really dumb… I drove BACK to Norman at 1:30 in the morning… I made it in right around 4:15 a.m. and I will never again in my life do something so stupid.

Saturday I caught up with my old friend Paola over coffee and then Nicolas called and told me about a great film showing at the OKC Museum of Art called An Education. So we went and grabbed dinner at this amazing pizza place called The Wedge (we got the truffle something something pizza, it was amazing! iPhone pic below doesn’t even do it justice).  The restaurant was small and really awesome with exposed brick walls. I really felt like I was in New York… which in Oklahoma is a real feat to accomplish. The movie was amazing! I personally think it has classic written all over it. Such great costuming, wonderful story line and beautifully acted. No wonder it’s up for an Oscar for best picture. I think in two weeks I’m going to be going back to the Museum theater to see the Tom Ford movie. Really excited about that!

In the atrium of the museum theater

Sunday was a typical lazy day, as it should have been. I started working on a couple big blog posts the first of which I’ll get posted tomorrow. Then I went over to a friends house and watched the Super Bowl. I rooted for the Saints, and luckily, of course, they won! Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J


3 Responses to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. I rooted for the Saints too! I have zero allegiance when it comes to the NFL, but I kept thinking of, “Oh when the saints, go marching in! Oh when the saints go marching in…” thus my decision.

    Love the photo of what looks like Parisian lovers.

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