I’m Baaaaaaaackkkkk

Hey All!

I have been on  an informal hiatus from blogging. Mostly because communting to school at the Art Institute takes up a ton of time…..Okay you’re right, thats a lame excuse.

I have been having the time of my life at AI of Washington. Seriously, proprietary schools get a bad rap…I was really worried that the school wouldn’t be “good enough” but I have learned more than I have in the past three years at GOOD liberal arts colleges.  Moving on…

Thursday night a couple of my friends and I headed out to lunch in Rosslyn between classes then trekked to Crystal City for  a fashion show.  A six day fashion extravaganza featuring the themes “Jungle, Jeans, Tats and Tees (Tease)”.

There were mini facials and body art demos available in-between shows along with 12-15 vendors displaying their jewelry, dresses, bags, organic Ts, etc.

Although I forgot to get my photographer’s pass, they still let me shoot in the photographer’s area at the end of the runway, which was nice of them considering there were 50 kagillion of us.



*ps. I am surviving an east coast blizzard, so the internet has a life of its own these days… snow pics coming soon 🙂

Me, Sarah, and Brooke 🙂

West Potomac Academy

Brand of the Free and Blind Addikton


One Response to “I’m Baaaaaaaackkkkk”

  1. OK, the tribal body art is amazing! Takes carnival face painting to a whole new level, haha

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