Friday night my friends Marion and Paul threw a moving out party for Paul who had to leave his loft this weekend. It was a theme party (because let’s face it, is there really any other kind?) and then theme was… Bum/Homeless. When I got the news about the party my friends got a big tee-hee about the fact that I had no clothing that would really fit, but I was determined to prove them wrong. The party was a blast, I ended up calling myself “A London bum” becuase I felt a bit like Jack Dawson from Titanic ha. Yesterday, I really just lounged around the house, nothing too eventful. I need to seriously de-ice my car and get OUT of the house. Also I think a shopping trip to Dallas soon may be necessary… Enjoy the pics, hope you had a great weekend!
P.S. The title is becuase my “Bum Wear” included an Oscar de la Renta blazer haha.
-Andrew J

Getting in the spirit by peeking into a dumpster.
Loved his shirt, and called dibs on it after the party haha.Okay believe me when I say these were all empty and were just props. I’m not kidding, we would all be dead if they weren’t haha.
Do bums play spin the bottle? This might not have been an accurate picture…
She didn’t button her shirt properly, but it’s hard to tell in this shot haha.
Bums with iPhones!!!
Yeah… I really don’t know what happened here…
Holy crap I played like the best games of pool in my life! I was totally playing like a pool shark with trick shots and all!
Okay loved this, a real life bum set up a bed in Paul’s building like the night before the party haha. He said he wasn’t gonna call the cops because he was leaving on Sunday ha.
She’s kinda famous for crawling under his pool table ha.
Too cute 🙂



  1. LoL, what a FUN theme party idea!! Love the dumpster shots. And the real-life bum bead, hahaha.

  2. Ur party looked awsome! Although only you could make such a stylish bum LOL!! Hope ur car finally butched up to the snow. Will get a post done for you soon x
    P.S re Olivia P I only just discovered her as we dont get the City over here ;-(

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