Sayulita is this AMAZING surf town like 15 minutes north of our house in La Cruz. The day before I flew out my Mom, Julie and I all headed up there for lunch, some shopping and a to get some wonderful pictures. Here are the results of that trip, and the last of my Mexico pictures. Enjoy! It’s really hard to look at these while it’s snowing outside right now.
-Andrew J.
This town is ruled by the dogs, I would say they should film a movie here aobut it, but they shot a lot of Beverly Hills Chihuahua here
Surfers of all age flock here because there is perpetual, amazing surf.
What the typical Sayulita inhabitant looks like
The candy cart guy is my second favorite pic from the day. Soooo glad I got it in time.
I liked this guys face. He reminded me of old school Kenny Rogers or something.
This little girl is my favorite picture from the day, hands down!
This Mango Tree is the most commercial establishment in Sayulita ha.
Oh my god, Choco Banana is the best drink ever!!! Their speciality is of course named after the establishment and is completely heaven; Chocolate, banana and coffee!
My beaded bracelet my dad got me for Christmas came from here.

All photos are property of Andrew Jones and are not for public or commercial use without explicit written permission. Copyright 2010 Andrew Jones. 



  1. OK, HILARIOUS! We really must be brother and sister!…

    *Before I saw the caption of “typical sayulita”, I thought to myself, “Sooooo Sayulita!”

    *Before I saw that you called Mango Tree the most commercial establishment, I thought to myself when I saw that photo, “Man, I wish it wasn’t getting so tourist.”


  2. Hey, I found your blog on twitter and I really really like it. I’m so happy you posted a lot of pics from Mexico. My family is from Zacatecas, but I live in Illinois with my aunt & my uncle, and I wanted to see some pics from my hometown Zacatecas, these pics are so fantastic.
    Please if you ever go back to mexico keep posting more pics.
    P.S. Your blog is one of the best.

  3. love the shot of the lady in the red hat hunkered down for a good day at the beach.

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