Today the ice began, and I figured what better time to catch up on my 82 unread blog posts (no, I’m not kidding). It’s nice to go through such a large number of posts all at once because trends really stick out. One in particular I noticed was that the guys are majorly being influenced as of late by James Dean. Seriously, of all the times for me to cut my hair :/… Oh well. Guess now I can “exercise my right not to conform”. I myself am a big fan of James Dean and have been for several years now so I always welcome his influence… In fact I think I’ll watch Rebel Without A Cause right now ha. In any case, this is just a quickie post because I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow… and I hadn’t posted today. So here is some of my evidence from the posts I went through today.
-Andrew J

Pelayo (from Kate Loves Me) always has this whole James Dean channeling thing going on, but recently, he did this photoshoot with London based photographer and friend Saga which was meant to be an homage to Dean.

Yes, yes, it’s Nick Jonas on the cover of VMAN… I know. But he’s giving his best Dean rather effectively.

So maybe a bit of a stretch, but Garret Neff has always reminded me a little bit of Dean. This is from the Blanco SS2010 Campaign.

Another stretch perhaps, but it’s the loose cig and relaxed 3/4 profile stare that landed it on here.


One Response to “JE NE SAI… JAMES?”

  1. Love the trend! But Nick Jonas doesn’t cut it…….he doesn’t have the Man Factor! haha

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