Today is my last full day in Puerto Vallarta :(. I know it’s been 20+ days but I really don’t feel like I’ve been here that long.

Sad day.

Anywho, since I last posted a lot has happened… and yet it’s been extremely leisurely. My Mom’s dear friend Julie came into town on Saturday and will be staying with us until I leave tomorrow. So we took her out and showed her all around PV and then have just kinda been hanging out by the pool. Before she came in though, my Mom and I went with my Dad to make a call on a new property here in Vallarta called ICON Vallarta apparently it was designed by Philippe Starck, or decorated by him, or something. In any case, it’s a very cool property.

Last night, we went to this great restaurant called Mezzogiorno (yes Italian) to have something of a “farewell dinner” for me. Mezzogiorno is without doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in the area.
I’m going to bring this post to a close because I don’t want to spend my last day doing pictures haha. Will post again once I’m back states-side!
-Andrew J

The architecture of this building is really quite amazing and you don’t really see just how amazing it is till you get right up next to it.
Yeah those big waves, about two pictures up, ended up coming INTO the restaurant where we were eating… I had my camera ready because I felt it coming… this wall of water (which sprung up like less that 5 ft in front of me) is the result. That wave swept across the floor and while everyone else had the foresight to lift up their legs, I turned to move away… bad move… the wave FILLED my shoes with water and a ton of sand. Sand that did not leave my shoes for the rest of the night… boo.
These guys started playing at 8:30 am… loudly… Looks like the guy in the back wanted to ham it up for the camera.
Oh and there was also this great festival going on in our little town where apparently they were doing an aquatic pilgrimage!
New shirt from a great botique I found here called LOB. Necklace from the same place. Got a few other items which I’ll photograph later.

I kinda like this one 🙂



  1. I have been following your Blog for a long time now and I have to say I LOVE IT. The pictures from your trip to P.V. are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I second Jacob’s comment! And I love your haircut…..

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