The past couple of days I’ve finally been venturing out into Vallarta and have been ducking in some of the stores and galleries. Day before yesterday, my Mom and I went into a store called Que Mona! where there were these extremely ornate purses on sale which really caught her eye. Each was a little work of art, and as we were examining them, the store employee came up to us and began explaining a little about the purses. Apparently the designer’s name is Mary Frances and she started off making these purses for her friends and family before she opened a little shop which… Oprah happened to walk into one day. The next thing you know, she’s on Oprah and a sensation in the excentric purse world. Who knew?
From there we went to this gorgeous jewelry store called Cielito Lindo great store! This bangle with the face (below) was my absolute favorite, and when I told the lady what I had the camera for, she gladly opened up the case and allowed me to photograph both it and the necklace behind it. The dog beds are from another store right next door named after the designer and owner, Cassandra Shaw, I had to get a picture because her dogs are pretty famous around Vallarta because they are used in almost ALL of her ads wearing her jewelry. It’s hilarious!

Last night we went to an art walk and real-estate property opening in Vallarta.
LOVED this red piece! But then again, red is one of my favorite colors 😉
One of the galleries we went to was called QuaDro. A sculpture of a little doll type girl (pictured later) in a rocking chair really caught my eye and I knew we had to go in. It was funky, strange and a little sarcastic. The sculptor of that piece was Sofia Crimen and several of her pieces were on display. Another artist’s work who was on the walls I really liked and as I was commenting on it, the store owner spoke up and informed us he was the artist of the paintings. They were gorgeous and he gave us the back story on a couple pieces which is always really insightful and gives a whole new depth to pieces! The artist’s name is Alfonso Pena and his galleries (if you make it to PV) is at Aldama 162, Centro & Olas Altas 509, Zona Romantica

Another gorgeous day in paradise and TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
-Andrew J



  1. Hey Andrew,
    Great Bolg!!! Sure I will make it one of my favorites!!!
    Pleasure to meet you!

  2. OK, those purses ARE amazing! So is the art. 🙂

  3. Not all diamond jewelry stores are the same so check reviews first before buying on a jewelry store.:-

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