Today; Lagos de Moreno. Night and day different from Zacatecas, but still a very cool city. Lots of beautiful cathedrals, architecture and colors that felt like they belonged in the Carribean. I have more from my day here, but you know I don’t like to make these posts too long so I’ll continue with more later. Hope you’re having a great week!
P.S. I think I’m finally getting this stomach bug turned around!!!
-Andrew J.
Another one of those funny cactus plants. There were entire forests of these things, it was crazy!
Some big plateau that I thought was interesting…

Our hotel was directly under the cathedral

Such rich colors. Love this photo.

These pictures don’t even do the place justice!

I just realized I had a little bit of leftover salsa on the corner of my mouth ha…

When I saw this I was like… perfect! The colors of the trust just really matched the house perfectly. And something about the continuation of the lines I really love 🙂


2 Responses to “LAGOS DE MORENO”

  1. Darling,

    These are fabulous…love them…make me miss home and you!

  2. Juan Pablo Santos Says:

    I love your pictures, the shooting angle and the scenes you chose. I´m currently living here, in Lagos.

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