Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel absoultely out did themselves for their Pre-Fall 2010 line. Hands down my favorite line from the season. I’ve never fallen in love with a line as much as I have this one. Everything from the set design to the color palette of the clothing (which by the way encorporated my three favorite colors HEAVILY; Black, red and gold). Sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday but I had a 103.3 degree fever and was shaking kinda uncontrollably… I feel a lot better today, though not 100%. Anyway, enjoy my favorite picks and hope you’re having a great weekend!
-Andrew J.

These three looks really rose to the top for me as favorites. There’s something very aristocratic and almost Gothic fantasy about them.

Chanel didn’t disappoint with their men’s pieces either;


3 Responses to “IN PRAISE OF CHANEL”

  1. Love the colors…

  2. Have to agree I LOVE this collection, especially the leather pants with camellia flowers, hope u feel better xx

  3. I LOVE the red number! Chanel’s mod stuff is just terrific!

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