A couple nights ago, a friend messaged me on Facebook and told me to check out some of the Pre-Fall 2010 shows… now considering that we’re very much still in winter I felt it rushing the season a bit much to even start looking at those shows… but alas, fashion moves quickly :/. So I picked up my iPhone and started to browse the app (which is a blessing for keeping up with all of the shows) and started browsing the recommendations. Here are my favorite picks from those shows. However… in the next couple days I will post MY favorite show. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a show before, but this one finally made it happen for me. I loved every single aspect of the show and the clothes and… well… I’ll save that ramble for the post.
-Andrew J

Flirty Fifties: That’s the phrase I can use to best describe the Nina Ricci line for PF10. My favorite look is a toss up between top left and center, but all of them are great! The make-up compliments the clothing perfectly. It feels like an homage without being dated (with maybe the exception of the top right ha, but I blame the leopard gloves).

Classic Diane: Diane von Fursteberg‘s PF10 line wasn’t exactly what I would call ground-breaking, though she put out some very nice, very wearable, very DVF items. My favorite is the top left hands down. I love the asymetrical nature of the outfit and I feel it compliments the simple structure of the dress very well.

Modern Day Muse: I think Carolina Herrera is, first and foremost, a genius. Her lines are always distinctively her with colors, structure, and patterns; yet she always seems to churn out interesting designs that don’t look like the same thing rehashed again and again.

Gender Bender: I first became aware of Rag & Bone through their men’s line and maybe it’s because of that, but I think their women’s line has a lot of very masculine influences. This really works in their favor as the women dressing like men trend (or as I like to call it Wo/Men’s Clothing) is really starting to pick up a lot of steam. Which come to think of it… that’s very depression era ’30s where women dressed in very loose fitting clothing, almost boyish. Hmm… maybe it’s Depression Chic.

Must Be Mexico: All I can say is it must be the time in Mexico because I LOVE Oscar de la Renta‘s Pre-Fall 2010 line! These top six are my six favorite looks (four more that I like are below), but my absolute hands down favorite is the dress in the top left corner (the bottom left studded dress ran a VERY close second). His line has just the right amount of exotic flair, but still totally something you can get away with in the city and look oh so chic.


4 Responses to “PRE-FALL 2010 FAVORITES”

  1. Good Choices Mr. Jones!

  2. Wow, there’s DEFINITELY a retro trend going on – I LOVE it, especially because there is a variety of ways in which you can approach it. Thanks for the forecast!

  3. Great Read. I’ll be back for your next piece

  4. based on this post i am LOVING the Nina Ricci! so feminine and beautiful!
    xoxo alison

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