Hey guys, I know I just did a post (still check that out ha), but I wanted to do another quickie saying that we’re really wanting to grow Me & Marisa and we need your help to do that. We love feedback so keep the comments coming; tell us what you wanna see, what you like, what you hate, etc. It’s all constructive.
Also, we’re on BlogLovin now so be sure to follow us along with your other favorite blogs there!
<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1182273/me-and-marisa?claim=nqvt4j45jkx”>Follow my blog with bloglovin</a>

Finally, we’ve added a “Share” button to the right hand column, so any time you want to share an article with a friend, or post it to your Twitter, Facebook, Digg, whatever (too many to name ha), just click the button and voila :)! Thanks for everything guys, we had a really monumental day yesterday when we hit 30,000 visitors for Me & Marisa, I think that is just the beginning though and I know we’re just going to continue to grow! Okay enough of the ra-ra speach lol, have a great day guys!!!
-Andrew J


One Response to “SPREAD THE WORD”

  1. Hey! Thats great you finnishes college! I know the feeling though as I am being rushed off my feet lately and haven’t had the time I would like to visit everyones blogs. I would love to do a post for you, anything in particular you would like to see? Hope your having a great week xx

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