Marisa sorta spilled the beans the other day when she posted that I was fleeing to my parent’s house in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Indeed I am. I am leaving for Mexico for the next 20+ days (till the 27th) to the land of colorful fashion, pretty tans, sun, surf and sand. I’m road tripping with my Dad down there, I can’t actually post our itenerary like I wanted to because… I don’t want to get killed… and to be honest I’m a little freaked about driving lol. But I will say that my dad Dad is swinging down to Norman very early in the morning to pick me up and then we’re heading down to Austin and spending the night there taking in the city. After that we are planning to stop off at Lagos de Moreno, Zacatecas, San Luis de Potosi, and then just taking in the scenic tour of Mexico and “Seeing what the road will give us” as my Dad says ha.
I’m SUPER excited to bring you guys a month of culture in Mexico, and I WILL be posting as the trip occurs, but I may not be able to post for the next six days or so, since I’ll be on the road, so Marisa I’m counting on you till then ha. Here are some samples of some of the Mexican street fashion I hope to observe while I’m down there (for those of you who think it’s limited to poncho’s and sombrero’s… prepare to be mistaken). Please hold a good vision for me making is safely to Puerto Vallarta and back :)!
P.S. If you noticed, the Me & Marisa header will be a little different for the next month, a meeting of Mexico and East Coast.
-Andrew J.



  1. Buen viaje!!!!!! I am expecting some fantastic linen outfits and mamacita stillhettos!

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