I dreamt of a White Christmas and sure enough I got one! Tuesday night before the big day I went up to Claremore and had a “family Christmas” with my Mom, Dad and Sister before we made the trek down on Wednesday for the actual day. We do this to avoid having to haul all of our presents down to my grandpa’s house in Shawnee because, quite frankly, they wouldn’t fit :/… So Wednesday was the day the big blizzard hit and I have to say driving a drive that should take 2 hours and took closer to 4 in near white out conditions can be a little intense at times. I got some great pictures of the snow, however becuase I don’t want to make this post a novel, I’ll post those pics in a seperate one. Christmas day was amazing! and I know I’m like 6 days behind, but I DID get stranded in Shawnee. I don’t have any pictures from Christmas morning (not that I would post them since we literally do it when we first wake up lol), so a few from family Christmas will have to do. All I can say is I think I made out like a bandit :)! Hope you had an AMAZING Christmas, and Happy New Years Eve everyone!!!
-Andrew J

Yes, she bakes.
Dresses on the dogs was NOT my idea… the brown one (Copper) got revenge by peeing in the floor right next to us until we took it off of her. Clever girl.
Lol this was too funny, I was with my mom in the store and we saw the old Yule Log DVD’s, so she got one for both me and my sister.
You don’t understand, I suck at wraping presents and this was maybe my best one ever!
Okay, adorable.

We got each other some clothes, great minds lol.

My dad got me this great Huichole bracelet from Puerto Vallarta, MX
Shoes :)! I got a great brown pointy dress pair on Christmas day that I’ll have to photograph and post as well!
A little something picked up and saved for my sister from my time in Dallas
Lol, okay, so I never had Where The Wild Things Are growing up, so… so I wouldn’t feel deprived, she got it for me ha.
Changing of the guard, goodbye Blackberry, I will miss you.

These boots saved my butt! Thank you John Varvatos!!! I’m pretty sure I wore them every single day during the snow.X-Mas tree in Shawnee
And… my sister getting creative… she had boots in the car, it’s beyond me why she chose to put on flats…

I love dressing for cold weather 🙂



  1. what a fab looking x-mas…must put my pics up soon!

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