Okay so this is the post I mentioned right before the holiday that I said I was still working on. I came across a photo the other day that had a really mystical and magic feel to it, so I began seeking out other photos that had the same etheral feel, almost lacking a sense of gravity. These are my favorites of that search. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’m currently frustrated with technology… I’m switching my business website and so my email is currently down AND I’m also getting rid of COX Cable and switching to AT&T becuase COX has been giving me too much trouble lately. SO I’m without internet at my house too which I will be returning to tomorrow… Major sad face. So please bear with me I know it’s been chaotic lately ;). Anywho, finally on to the pictures:
-Andrew J

The inspiration

I really like the editing on this photo. Great light effects!

This one is absolutely magic to me and perhaps my favorite picture of the set! She looks like the element of ice surrounded by sparks submerged in water. Whoever is responsible for this photo is a genius!This last one is another favorite. It feels like the end of summer.



  1. The first one makes me think of mermaids. Love.

  2. I think I am in love with this photographer! Seriously, one of the best sets of fashion shots I have ever seen. Love these.

  3. Weird question for Andrew. I am a 30 year old male with similar look and hair – red even. I saw your picks on lookbook and was impressed, but my question is actually what product you use for your hair and method? I am growing it longer now, something I haven’t done before – and am looking for a good direction. You seemed like a great place to start.

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