This weekend was the Masquerade party I’d been looking forward to for a while now and it was definitely a great time! I’m amazed how into it everyone got and I especially loved that hardly anyone showed up without a mask… even if they took it off shortly after arriving. In true experienced party guy style, I brought two masks: The gold and red argyle full face mask for entering the party in and doing pictures, and then the infinitely more functional black eye mask that I switched into after I had all the pictures I could take. All in all, great times and beautiful people… Or as Marion put it “A Masquerade Night; What the fabulous do when they get bored.” lol I loved it! On to the pictures! Hope your weekend was great as well!!!
-Andrew J.
This may be one of my favorite pictures EVER!

This girl was very fashionable and some how, though you can’t really see, she matched the fabric on her mask to her dress!

Marion captioned this pic as saying: “Argyle Jason mask and sparkly demon eyes… did I miss the fashionable horror film memo” I thought it was an apt description for sure



  1. There are some crazy orbs going on there……

    (You looked great!)

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