It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cold weather brings out evergreens, presents, people in good moods and of course… all things sparkly! Below are some of my favorite sparkle weather items from this season.
What they did with the “Vogue” is so fun! Leave it to the Brazilians ha.
Rose Byrne

Found these at Saks 5th Avenue
The shoe is AWESOME! Leave it to LouboutinThis skirt is my favorite of all of the picks on here. To me, it is the answer to the question;  “What Happens When A Fish and Bird Fall In Love?” because I think it looks like wings and scales. Marc Jacobs: First off, the bow ruins it for me… cover it up and this looks MUCH better! Tights and shoes are really cool though either way!
Found this sequin dress on StyleCaster yesterday. It’s Rodarte for Target and is going to retail for $50! Gotta love it!
Snagged this off of Lookbook. This girl does a great job of adding just the right amount of sparkle to her otherwise understated outfit. Really loving her hair too!



  1. Girlfriend with the bangs modeling Saks has UH-MAZING legs/feet for those silver shoes! And I love the cover of Brasilian Vogue… is impossible to hide that Brasilian flair……it peeks out of everything it touches. 🙂

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