As evidence of the post title for today… I got broken up with this weekend. Sucks for sure. Didn’t do much this weekend as a result of it, but I’m going to look at what the positives are that came from it:
Friday (the day before), went out and got sushi at this great place in Oklahoma City called Sushi Neiko (not sure on spelling) and then ended up at this awesome little jazz club in Bricktown called Makers.
Also I finally had a reason to wear my new John Varvatos boots I ordered which arrived last week (yay!).
Saturday D-day… that’s all I’ll say on that topic ha. Spent the rest of the day surrounding myself with my friends and ended up going out Saturday night… drank a little too much, felt like crap for the first half of Sunday, but meh it’s what I needed.
Sunday My mom came down yesterday and we did some shopping therapy :). Got some things for my house, decorated for Christmas. She told me “You can be sad, but you can’t be sad by yourself.” I love her so much :)!
P.S. Also bought a new Marc Jacobs sweater lol, what can I say? Buying things makes me happier lol.
P.S.S. Got great inspiration with a friend to start having some guest bloggers and maybe even launching yet another blog :)!



  1. Those are Converse. Did you get them on Gilt?

    Sushi Neiko is great. Musashis across the street is owned by the same people. They have really great saki.

  2. The boots are hott.

    Yes, Mom is the best – especially in breakup rescues…..I should know. 😉

    AND, I think the guest blogger is a great idea! Maybe once every week / 2 weeks?

    Oh, and one more thing. I do not want my baby brother becoming addicted to shopping pain killers.

    That is all. 🙂

    • Yes your Mom is the best, and i’m sorry you went through the break up, but it is true a broken heart gives you more room to love! I know this is true!

      and shopping does help!!!! always!!!

      thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Great boots…sorry about the breakup.

  4. diana liz mouette Says:

    Hey AJ, love this. I’m so into it and where can i get the antler necklace with the white face?? LOL, shopping, baby!

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