Well, not entirely yet, I still have finals, but CAMPAIGNS IS OVER!!! We presented our capstone presentations to Papa Murphy’s Pizza on Tuesday night and then immediately went to celebrate at O’Connell’s while the rest of the class trickled in as they finished with their presentations. It couldn’t have gone better and I’m SO glad it’s over. Today I have to work a ton on my Spanish and start writing a 12 page Mass Comm Law paper due soon… blah. Anywho, here are the pics! Hope you’re having a great day!
-Andrew J.

Had to suit up!

The purple group looked so nice, I had to photograph them!

The Green Group :)! My group/family lol.

Seriously love these people

The yellow group was the last team to go so they came to O’Connell’s ready to hit the ground running ha

She was a little happy it was all over… to say the least lol.

Awww, the Red Group/my extended family. I would often go terrorize them and crash their study time lol. They’re fun 🙂


One Response to “I’VE REGAINED MY LIFE!”

  1. Purple Group DID look great! Glad everything went well and that you got trashed afterward…..I think you all deserved it! haha

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