Yes, I have skipped Thanksgiving. I will go back and do that, but I figure on this kind of blog, people would be more interested in the Black Friday shopping than anything to do with cranberry sauce and turkey 😉 ;). I actually was a pretty “good” boy this weekend and didn’t really buy much… for myself anyways. I did however get a couple things, and managed to give my mom a few ideas for Christmas. With my family we have this rule; When it gets close to Christmas, you stop buying things for yourself… We have hit that time of the year… *sigh* sad face. Oh well, that just makes it all the more fun when present time comes! Spent the weekend in Tulsa and hit up the mall on Black Friday. T’was fun, got lots of compliments from rando people on what I was wearing which was good becuase I did not wear comfortable shoes at all so I’m glad there was some pay-off for it ha. Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J.
She may very well try to kill me for posting this of her 😉
He had AWESOME Hair!
I like, I want, I think I shall have, yes?
The worst name ever for a store, it sounds like shitty shoe if you say it backwards…
We though we were fly



  1. Yes, Mom will kill you for that photo.

    And no doubt about it…..we WERE fly!…..

  2. You mum is so chic! Love your grey jacket too! x

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