Wednesday I went to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad, aunt Lenore and sister to begin celebrating Thanksgiving. In typical Jones family style however… they were about an hour and 1/2 late. So I parked myself at a nearby lake and caught up on my magazines, read a little school work and took some photographs. I ended up getting on a kick while I was there of noticing lines everywhere. So that’s why there are so many line pictures ha. Also, made friends with this homeless dog. It spotted me from across the road and I ended up feeding it one of my butter croissants I had with me. We were best buds after that. Made it to Shawnee and went to eat at the, ever southern, Delta Cafe. After that we went back to my grandpa’s house and played some cards… My mom ended up pouring a glass of water on my sister after she was annoying her for a while, which resulted in a full scale water fight… My sister lost (see picture below ha). I’ll post more on the festivities, but right now I’m working on my parent’s limited internet signal… god I miss high speed! Hope you had a great holiday!!!
-Andrew J


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