So I figure it’s about time I FINALLY post these pictures from New Moon on Thursday/Friday at midnight. Yes, I went to the first showing… I know, I know… it’s a sickness. But it was totally worth it and I saw it again on Friday in Dallas it was so good! Several of my friends went to the movie, but I almost ended up in a theater by myself becuase I didn’t buy my ticket with any of them… however through some clever maneuvering and shady ticket switching I made it into the theater that Marion and Dominique were in! On a Thanksgiving note, tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this- Wednesday) I’m heading to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad and sister at my grandpa’s house. All of my mom’s side of the family is there and they always throw a huge to-do for Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll be caravanning up to Tulsa, or more correctly, Claremore, to decorate my parent’s house for Christmas. It’s a tradition we have to always do the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll post over the weekend, but that’s the 411 :). Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the New Moon pictures!
-Andrew J.

The line was crazy, this was not even half and it was wrapped around the building.


One Response to “NEW MOON RISING”

  1. Hey! Dont worry I’ve been neglecting all of blog land recently not just you! But getting back to it now. I went to see New Moon last night AMAZING!!! Though I have no photos, well I do but they are all of me scowling because I have a cold and really didnt want photos taken when I’m sick! x Pearl

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