This weekend made it back down to Dallas and started doing some apartment shopping. Ended up finding a GREAT place called The Marquis at Waterview it’s gorgeous and totally my style. Ended up putting my application in on it today so here’s hoping all goes well. If so, I’ll be calling Texas home come the first weekend of January! I’m soooo excited, I’ve really missed living there… not that Norman isn’t great and all, but it’s just no Dallas. After apartment shopping was finished ended up doing some actual shopping. Hit up my long lost friend, Northpark, and found some great stuff! Hope your weekend went well! It was a really crazy day today and I’m just glad it’s behind me. Looking forward to some R&R with the family this week for Thanksgiving.
-Andrew J.

Oh yeah, on the way to go apartment shopping- stumbled across an estate sale, had some great stuff, but I really loved these masks sitting outside
The entry area at my new home
If anyone wants to get me this Armani Exchange sweater I’d be very appreciative :). I like it a lot!
Store orgasm; the new Louis Vuitton store is finally open!
Shoe orgasm; The Diesel Moonwalk Boots… It took a lot of will power to not get these… I loved them so much :'(.
Car orgasm… whew I’m exhausted.



  1. OK, the apartment is awesome. I can DEFINITELY teach you how to cook in that kitchen! And the Diesel Moonwalk Boots? I know they’re for guys, but I have envy as well……the flap over the lacing is kick-@$$!

    • Me & Marisa Says:

      Lol I know right? They are dang sexy and I’m still not convinced that I won’t have them… They may be my version of your LAMB’s lol. For only $250 they can be mine :)!

  2. yay for the new apartment – i need one x

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