Every once in a while I stumble across a designer and love practically EVERYTHING that they put out. Previously I’ve done posts on Reiss and Shades of Greige. This time my new love is MB 999. I saw them yesterday on Gilt and it was everything I could do to not buy ALL of their stuff. My only saving grace was that I knew I’d be doing some shopping this coming weekend in Dallas. On that note, if anyone in Norman is looking for a house to buy/rent let me know because I need to get rid of mine lol, also if anyone has any suggetions for living accomidations on the north side of Dallas (or just North of the city up by Richardson) please let me know :)! Anywho, back on track, maybe it’s because I’ve been on a major “black” jag recently, who knows, but love this designer. Here’s some of my favorites from the sale yesterday! Hope you’re having a great one!
-Andrew J.

I want their stuff… I’m regretting not getting in on the sale now :(. It’s very preppy-goth lol. Santa?


2 Responses to “DESIGNER LOVE”

  1. Preppy Goth is a great description! haha See, you could have worn it to the New Moon premier. 😉 Love the gray cardigan.

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