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Yesterday I woke up and it was REALLY cloudy out, so of course I dressed in a weather appropriate outfit and wore all black lol. Cheerful no? Anywho, I realized that I was wearing the culmination of a look I’ve been building all season. I was pretty happy because now that that look is done, I can move on to something else :). Pics below taken last night as well as a couple random pictures from earlier in the week when I went to La Baguette with Marion and Tyler. Good times, hope your week is going well. It’s Thursday!!!
-Andrew J.

Like I said, the look is done, time for a new one 🙂
Marion, don’t hate me, it was too cute lol.
You successfully squeezed my side in and made me look too thin lol, thanks.
On another note, I thought it was only appropriate to wear my “Pardon My French” shirt to a French restaurant lol.

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