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As if I thought last weekend couldn’t get any better, this weekend even topped that! I’m afraid I was a bit of a bad blogger, I didn’t tote my camera around with me everywhere I went this weekend and therefore I don’t have many pictures. So I’ll have to describe in words. I did, however, grab my point and shoot so I have a couple pictures from a Halloween party I went to on Saturday. On Friday night I went to this amazing restaurant in Oklahoma City called The Haunted House, which despite the name, it’s a year round restaurant. Delicious food, and unbeatable company :). Rented and watched Trick Or Treat with Anna Paquin. Saturday slept in till forever and then ended up going into Norman to grab a late lunch and meet up with friends who were in for the game. Attempted tailgating, but since we went in so late it everyone was already basically closing up for the game. That night did the Halloween party, I didn’t end up dressing up (my costume was a D&G model)… well I dressed up and wore a shirt I was going to be removing (risque I know), but I left my aviators to top off the look and not too many people were dressed up at the party so I remained clothed lol. Stayed there for a bit then went back home and took a little nap around 1:30 before striking out again to go to… yup… the Witch House lol. Sooooo dumb to go on Halloween. It was scary, but I managed to remain pretty brave. Sunday was lazy but equally amazing. I wish the weekend didn’t have to end, but alas it did. Already looking forward to this next one :). Hope your weekend was amazing as well! On to the few pics.
-Andrew J.

 Marion's PumpkinMarion’s pumpkin… yes that’s Edward and Bella
Jeremy's Pumpkin
Jeremy’s pumpkin. Beetlejuice!
Me, Marion and Steven
The party hostess, Lady Gaga!
Me and Kymber, who was dressed as Ivana Bone lol, yes that really was the costume name.

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