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Wednesday I went to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad, aunt Lenore and sister to begin celebrating Thanksgiving. In typical Jones family style however… they were about an hour and 1/2 late. So I parked myself at a nearby lake and caught up on my magazines, read a little school work and took some photographs. I ended up getting on a kick while I was there of noticing lines everywhere. So that’s why there are so many line pictures ha. Also, made friends with this homeless dog. It spotted me from across the road and I ended up feeding it one of my butter croissants I had with me. We were best buds after that. Made it to Shawnee and went to eat at the, ever southern, Delta Cafe. After that we went back to my grandpa’s house and played some cards… My mom ended up pouring a glass of water on my sister after she was annoying her for a while, which resulted in a full scale water fight… My sister lost (see picture below ha). I’ll post more on the festivities, but right now I’m working on my parent’s limited internet signal… god I miss high speed! Hope you had a great holiday!!!
-Andrew J



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Surfing the net today I stumbled across a ton of great photographs. Majority came from one of my favorite sites; Dazed Digital. This first set is called In Their Shoes and I thought it was just amazing how much of a story can be built just on these images and the shoes their wearing. The others are just photographers who I thought were interesting. I really like portraits becuase again I really like it when a picture looks like it captures the very essence of a person or situation. These photographers did that for sure; Leon Diaper and Ariel Rosenbloom.
-Andrew J.

If anyone has seen Into The Wild (one of my favorite movies) you’ll recgonize this next guy- He’s from the “Love Mountain” Diaper does such a great job of capturing classic Americana in a very retro feeling way. I love it!

Airel  shoots mostly in black and white, of which I am a fan and there’s just something very… unglamorous and real about her pictures. I know a girl who looks a LOT like the girl in the chair on the right… kinda creepy lol.

Finally some antique shots from the ’40s and ’50s in America. This cowboy is from a rodeo in 1945.

Highway in New Mexico… having driven it not too long ago… it really doesn’t look that different ha.

The look on this woman’s face is priceless- 1955 Elevator


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So I figure it’s about time I FINALLY post these pictures from New Moon on Thursday/Friday at midnight. Yes, I went to the first showing… I know, I know… it’s a sickness. But it was totally worth it and I saw it again on Friday in Dallas it was so good! Several of my friends went to the movie, but I almost ended up in a theater by myself becuase I didn’t buy my ticket with any of them… however through some clever maneuvering and shady ticket switching I made it into the theater that Marion and Dominique were in! On a Thanksgiving note, tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this- Wednesday) I’m heading to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad and sister at my grandpa’s house. All of my mom’s side of the family is there and they always throw a huge to-do for Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll be caravanning up to Tulsa, or more correctly, Claremore, to decorate my parent’s house for Christmas. It’s a tradition we have to always do the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll post over the weekend, but that’s the 411 :). Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the New Moon pictures!
-Andrew J.

The line was crazy, this was not even half and it was wrapped around the building.


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This weekend made it back down to Dallas and started doing some apartment shopping. Ended up finding a GREAT place called The Marquis at Waterview it’s gorgeous and totally my style. Ended up putting my application in on it today so here’s hoping all goes well. If so, I’ll be calling Texas home come the first weekend of January! I’m soooo excited, I’ve really missed living there… not that Norman isn’t great and all, but it’s just no Dallas. After apartment shopping was finished ended up doing some actual shopping. Hit up my long lost friend, Northpark, and found some great stuff! Hope your weekend went well! It was a really crazy day today and I’m just glad it’s behind me. Looking forward to some R&R with the family this week for Thanksgiving.
-Andrew J.

Oh yeah, on the way to go apartment shopping- stumbled across an estate sale, had some great stuff, but I really loved these masks sitting outside
The entry area at my new home
If anyone wants to get me this Armani Exchange sweater I’d be very appreciative :). I like it a lot!
Store orgasm; the new Louis Vuitton store is finally open!
Shoe orgasm; The Diesel Moonwalk Boots… It took a lot of will power to not get these… I loved them so much :'(.
Car orgasm… whew I’m exhausted.


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Last night I went to the annual CAC Dance Marathon Fashion Show here at The University of Oklahoma. The lovely Marion was kind enough to go with me, but sadly I made us about 20 minutes late as the show started at 7:00 and I didn’t get out of class until about 7:10, then I had to run back to my car and grab my camera… I know, I know… unprepared. Anyways, the show was pretty fun. I mean it was a fashion show in Norman, Oklahoma lol, but all in all they did a good job. A few of my pictures (like most of the ones of the catwalk) are a little blurry and for that I’m sorry, but I’m still trying to figure out my camera for such occasions lol… PLUS I did have one critique, the models did not stop and pose at the end of the run way for more than .0005 seconds, it was like the California Stop of runway walks. Anywho, on to the pictures!
-Andrew J.

This girl’s boots reminded me slightly of the Miu Miu boots Jane Aldridge had on Sea of Shoes a while ago.
This top looked a lot better on than in the pictures…
Okay these two are EXTREMELY blurry, but I kinda liked the look of them 🙂
This girl should look familiar, she was in one of the photoshoots for Fashionably Late Magazine I posted not long ago.
Then the Dance Marathon people did their thing. My friend Ben did a really great job! He’s a much better dancer than I gave him credit for lol.
LOVED her coat! She had a great bag too, but didn’t get it in the shot.

After the show, Marion and I got coffee and ran into our friend Whitney Lynn. Fun night! Happy Thursday!!!

Something to get you through your day

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Yes, I have been M.I.A recently.

Mind, body and soul.

I have a 25 minute window where I am allowed to do 1 of three things: Sleep, Breath, or Blog.

I figured if I don’t breath I will be out of my misery, If I don’t sleep… who are we kidding, I rarely sleep anyway, so I may as well Blog it will be the most productive.

These photos are my outlet this week as I have myself on a Yahoo! Finance IV-Drip until Friday when my huge Stock Portfolio “mock” investment project is due.

Please, ladies and gentleman, don’t get too excited.






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Every once in a while I stumble across a designer and love practically EVERYTHING that they put out. Previously I’ve done posts on Reiss and Shades of Greige. This time my new love is MB 999. I saw them yesterday on Gilt and it was everything I could do to not buy ALL of their stuff. My only saving grace was that I knew I’d be doing some shopping this coming weekend in Dallas. On that note, if anyone in Norman is looking for a house to buy/rent let me know because I need to get rid of mine lol, also if anyone has any suggetions for living accomidations on the north side of Dallas (or just North of the city up by Richardson) please let me know :)! Anywho, back on track, maybe it’s because I’ve been on a major “black” jag recently, who knows, but love this designer. Here’s some of my favorites from the sale yesterday! Hope you’re having a great one!
-Andrew J.

I want their stuff… I’m regretting not getting in on the sale now :(. It’s very preppy-goth lol. Santa?

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