Hey guys I’m really sorry I didn’t post yesterday! It’s been a craaaazy week and today I have a presentation to do, not to mention I still have to write the paper I’m supposed to present… yeah… Anywho, so just going to make this a quickie post. Please bear with me this week, I will be better about posting after this week is done, I swear :).

On a brighter note, Marisa and I are going to be reunited for a bit this weekend becuase I’m headed down to Dallas! Woot :)!
-Andrew J.

IMGP2528New shirt, I love it. So comfortable!
IMGP2522Loved getting a picture of these, not only were they gorgeous, but upon closer inspection I found a couple extremely fat fuzz worms lol.
Roses at the end of October, who knew?
IMGP2547Sorry Marion, I had to ;).


2 Responses to “JUST A QUICKIE”

  1. Love: Fat fuzzy worms. Loves Blind T-shirt.

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