So this weekend I went up to Tulsa for a little R&R. It was soooo nice to get away from the crazy week I had last week and recharge my batteries some. There really is no place like home when it comes to relaxing. And I know I took full advantage. Saturday, my Mom and I went into the city for an agenda free day. We ended up going to a GREAT botique; Boulevards on Cheyenne in Tulsa with this wonderful woman named Mona Green who runs it. They have great clothes there but sadly nothing for men. She gets a lot of her stuff from France and my favorite designer she had in there is Lilith. My mom ended up getting this great outfit from local designer Terasa Fadem who apparently has been working with the store for about seven years now. I plan on doing a post all on that store and Terasa. Great stuff! After Boulevards, we went to a few thrift shops (where I did find a couple gems), a retro furniture store and then ended up meeting my sister for dinner. A great day, a great weekend! Hope you had an enjoyable one as well and got outside to enjoy the weather before it turns cold. It’s midterms week for me, and I have my first one today, so wish me luck! Here’s the pics.
-Andrew J.

Boulevards was SUCH a cool botique
Both of these are by Terasa Fadem, my mom got the orange one. It is lighter than light when you touch it. Great design!
The front of Boulevards
I kept seeing owls everywhere that day
She got me really tickled because she kept taking so many pictures lol.

Two fashionable girls on Cherry Street. The one on the left is actually from OKC I believe.
My sister and I with our matching cross jewelry lol.
Delicious, yummy food-porn


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