This weekend was so much fun! I had my sister come down from Tulsa to visit me here in Norman. Friday night we went to Cafe Plaid and listened to John Calvin, my sister was amazed at how good he was.  Saturday we went into Norman before the OU/Baylor game started and it was CRAZY! Soooo many people but it was tons of fun. We really got into the “game spirit” and decided to have “game day food” so we went to the local bar/restaurant O’Connell’s and watched the game and ate hamburgers and french fries. After that we went and walked around campus, took lots of pictures and ended up doing a little shopping. LOTS of pictures, so I’ll break this into two posts because I don’t want to leave any out ha :). Hope you had a great weekend too!

2181We did a little spur of the moment night photo shoot after Cafe Plaid
21662175Moody me lol
2206I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Yes that’s the moon behind her.
2233Game day
2236 2237IMGP2248This guy was driving a boat down the street lol, it was very… spirited. Not to mention hilarious.
IMGP2261Narcissus lol.
IMGP2270Soooooo much crimson and cream
IMGP2283I love this building. I want my future house to look like this.
IMGP2289 Fun car!
2287 She’s crazy and I love her!


4 Responses to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. Perez Christina Says:

    nice pictures

  2. OU? I live in Tulsa. Sweet. I love to see another blogger that lives in my general area even though i saw in your about section that you live in Dallas right?


  3. LOVE the pics from the weekend both parts 1 and 2. You’ve got some great shots here, but must of all….it just looks fun!!!

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