You Will Love…

Some music to get you through your weekend… 
Picture 2

Explosions in the Sky


Instrumental post rock formed in  Austin Texas  (but they cant be yuppies since most of them are from Midland) Seriously, so amazing to study or drive to.  You will not want lyrics, trust me. 




good songs:

Your Hand in Mine and Time Stops


Manchester Orchestra 


Indie Band birthed from Atlanta Georgia.   Awesome music led by lead singer Andy Hull—who, just like me, hated the hell out of public high school and finished his senior year at home.



You have probably heard some of their music on Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.



good songs:

I Can Feel A Hot One, and Shake it Out

I am headed to a concert at Trees in Dallas this weekend. A band called Shorelines End is playing.  I listened to some of their music and it sounds like it is going to be a fantastic show. Looking forward to it 🙂 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 





One Response to “You Will Love…”

  1. I worked with the drummer for a short time…great band!

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