Yesterday was a really stressful school day, tests to study for, LOTS of reading to do, and a rather disheartening realization that we have a week and 1/2 to do a bazillion assignments for my campaigns class. So I decided to get out of my house and go study at Starbuck‘s outside tables wit a little liquid energy. I took my camera just in case I saw anyone extremly fashionably who I thought should be documented, and I ended up getting quite a few pics. Though I’m far from Jak & Jill, I think I got some not too bad street style shots. Oh and the guys won the fashion award of the day which kinda surprised me. There were two girls who went by (both of which on bikes oddly enough) who I couldn’t get in time, but they had awesome style! So enjoy my stalkerazzi pics!
-Andrew J

IMGP2018 copy

IMGP2022 copy
This photo isn’t doing the look justice cause it kinda blurred, awesome shorts and hair though!
IMGP2025 copyOutfit, meh maybe not so much on this one, I got this pic for the backpack. Accessories are just as important! Lol.
IMGP2027 copyIMGP2028 copyFunny story with this one. This guy had a cool look going on head to toe with almost mustard color pants, but I wanted a pic of his sunglasses, got his watch though, which I really liked as well. But come to find out, after I was done playing paparazzi I was back in the computer lab and went to ask a classmate a question, and she was sitting right across from this very guy who turned out to be in a couple of my classes as well lol. I just never got a good look at his face when I took the photo.
IMGP2029 copyGotta admire the uniqueness of this hat… it’s even more unique from the front as it folds up like a bicentennial hat.
IMGP2030 copy

IMGP2032 copyThis guy was sitting at a restaurant behind me as I was taking pictures and he was practically begging to have his picture taken when he struck this pose ha.



  1. Looks like you were hard at work LOL! Great shots, I love people watching!

  2. melissa s Says:

    dude andrew, you deff got two people(drama majors) that im pretty sure i know in these pics, lol

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