I have to admit, this is kinda a lazy blog post. We all have these days from time to time, those days when homework gets a little overwhelming and nothing seems to happen to you that day outside of school or work. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Well, partially true, I did a great interview with musician John Calvin that I will be putting up on the blog this weekend (I’m going to see him perform on Friday so I will get some more shots). Really interesting guy so look forward to that. Anywho I have to make this a quickie becuase I have a test to go study for :(. My campaigns capstone is taking up SO much time right now, but I will still do my absolute best to get a post out every day :)… ones better than this lol. Toodles!
-Andrew J

IMGP1967_copyGot the grey Levi’s shirt this weekend. I’m actually quite a fan of Levi’s. It’s just a really Americana brand. Tank top- Adam. Jeans- Rock & Republic. Shoes- Jack Purcell.

IMGP1986 copy
IMGP1975 copy


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