It’s weird, since I’ve started writing this blog I find myself disecting what people are wearing even more than I previously did. So I was watching The Lost Boys the other day and I started to notice how many of the clothes look SUPER familiar and how many of the looks I really liked, especially in the opening credits montage. So if you find yourself aware that the late ’80s early ’90s are coming back into style and needing a little inspiration on how to pull the looks off, look no further than this classic vamp flick. Yes I took some pictures of the TV screen lol, don’t judge.
P.S. Finished my Spanish homework before it was all due. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I did well, but I did a lot better than I thought I did.
-Andrew J.

IMGP1241Seriously, look at the guy in the jacket, too cool! I want that jacket (er… jackets?). Longer pants though.
IMGP1245See! The girls standing up has AWESOME style! Despite the fact she looks twelve…
IMGP1246IMGP1248IMGP1249Keifer and the guy on the far right look awesome! I want the coat and boots that Keifer has on.


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