I spent the majority of this weekend continuing to fight off what I continue to hope was not Swine Flu. In any case, I am feeling MUCH better now. When I wasn’t flu’ing it up, I was doing homework, and I have news to report… I hate Spanish. I ended up doing, no kidding, about 40 exercises (not just questions, exercises) more than I had to because it wasn’t clear what was assigned and what wasn’t. Boo.

I also did a little shopping this weekend as well as saw a couple movies. Thrifting and a little mall shopping on Friday then on Saturday I ordered a great pair of Ann Demeulemeester sandals that I cannot wait to get despite the fact that the weather has now officially turned to fall. Anyways, enough chatting for now. I’ll try posting some pics later of my thrift purchases, but my homework for today is anything but light. Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J.

IMGP1945Started the day with a little Jamba Juice before shopping
IMGP1944IMGP1949 copyThere I smiled for you… now be happy lol
IMGP1951 copyIMGP1947Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City
A little bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory, I think it’s so pretty inside.
IMGP1957IMGP1953IMGP1954Ann Demeulemeester Sandals
Here they are! Can’t wait to get ’em!
Ann Demeulemeester Runway

And finally how they appeared on the runway



  1. Such kick-ass sandals! I think it’s fascinating how designers from such a small country as mine can be so influential 🙂

  2. I shall be buying said sandals…amazing!

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