Burberry finally walked during London Fashion WeekChristopher Bailey and company had been teasing the fashion world about their upcoming line to the point of aggrevation, but all is forgiven now. I know I’ve been trying to keep this week to predominantly women’s dress, but there were a couple looks in here for the gents that I just couldn’t stop myself from putting in the collage. Burberry did some interesting stuff this season with rouching, draping fabrics and straps. Some of it did look a little safe and just like what we typically see out of Burberry (those looks obviously didn’t make my favorite list), but then again Burberry is one of those more classic labels.

Burberry Spring Summer 2010

Also, here are a couple looks I liked from Top Shop. I was REALLY disappointed with their line this season as I felt they stopped paying homage to the ’80s and just went digging through their wardrobes and put old clothing on the runway. I mean… they had scrunchies… Enjoy your Friday! I’m feeling a little bit like death due to something which I hope isn’t the Swine Flu, but I’m going to drag myself out shopping today ha. I think I’ll do another post tomorrow for Prada and D&G.
-Andrew J

Top Shop Spring/Summer 2010Top Shop Blue Hoodie


One Response to “BURBERRY & TOP SHOP”

  1. Very cool collage u did on Burberry! It is indeed one of the more classic labels but Christopher Bailey managed to add some edge to it…in a good way!

    Love your blog!


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