I’ve Been Artsy Lately…

Hey all! I don’t know what I would do without Andrew’s consistent posting 🙂 Had an INCREDIBLY busy weekend. A friend of mine came in town this weekend and we had a blast. 

Lack of Fashion this week.. .but I know that Andrew is always on top of that, and I can bring in some of the lifestyle shiz.  

We headed over to Gardens in West Village on Thursday night for a Cocktail & Chocolate Party.  

I am obsessed with this line Ransom + Scout.  It is a handbag and accessory line featuring “curiously irrestible accessories”.  They are handmade by artists– the pieces feature different “characters” who have their own personalities.  They aim to blend “mischievousness” with cutness… kinda reminds me of the Sour Patch Kids commercials. 

This guy is Truman


Ransom and Dolores on the hand bags


Also.. am obsessed with this pure graphite pencils… if you can call them that!! 


Handcrafted in San Fran by Anelio Batle, these graphite objects are able to last 7 to 9 years… which makes the $36-44 price tag totally worth it.. IMO. Olive branch, conch shell, quill pen, frog on a log… come on now its the next best thing to french wrapped soap. 



but the main attraction were these horses.. i forget the artists name.. dangit



they are handcrafted with chicken wire, plaster, and paint… very organic. 


And these are the life size ponies that were in Dallas only for a short showcase before they are heading to their permanent home at the North Texas State Fair Grounds. 





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