Alright so as I mentioned, this week is going to be my recap of fashion week for S/S10 (That’s Spring/Summer 2010), so I’ll get right into it. Here are a few of my favorite picks from Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, and Vivienne Westwood. Enjoy!

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2010
Anna Sui‘s name is becoming much more of a household one because of the new line she is doing for Target, however, her ready-to-wear line from the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show displays why she is so popular. She merges together high fashion with easily worn pieces that you wouldn’t think twice about seeing on the street. I’m actually a little surprised here because going through the shows, I actually didn’t like the majority of her pieces, I thought they were too retro, or too busily patterned, yet to my surprise, I saved more looks from her than any other designer in today’s post. Her shoes really surprised me, they were awesome!
Vivienne Westwood S/S10Ahh Vivienne Westwood. Perhaps one of the most wearable designers out there today. Yet she never loses her quirky edge and is constantly changing up her line’s style. These are just a few backstage pictures taken by Dazed Digital, I may have to do a separate collage for her runway looks.
Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2010And last but certainly not least for today’s post, Calvin Klein, one of my all-time favorite designers when it comes to understated elegance and class. Not to mention, the house of Calvin usually sticks to the color pallet I like to wear most often. Great stuff from them this season. They had some very basic loose fitting dresses that I wasn’t crazy about, but then I saw these designs and all was forgiven. Great work Calvin Klein!



  1. I don’t want to look at summer yet – I’m excited to be pulling out my COLD-WEATHER clothes!!!!!!!! :-/

  2. Yes you do need a separate post of all her runway looks LOL! Adore Anna Sui, especially when she does monochrome! Theres a clip on (linked on my blog) of a tour around Anna’s house, her shower curtain matches her print dress!

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