I’ve been hanging with my new best buds: Homer & Plato.. oh and Jesus.  
Someone punch me in the face- or read me The Republic, The Iliad, and The Bible

I have managed to destress through food…. its gunna be a bad habit, the scale and pics are showing it already.
…but hey, im gettin’ As! 

First on Foremost on my FroYo:
Some of you may know that I am a die hard Red Mango fan. 
That being said. They are taking too damn long to open up in the DFW area. (San Antonio-ers you SUCK and you better be eating there a ton!) 
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt just opened up about two weeks ago in Highland Park Village.  About a week before they opened they had a street team going out giving coupons for a free 12oz froyo.
I went there for the Grand Opening & promised treat, scoping it out.  I ended up tasting every flavor they had (which was about 12).  Their whole idea is that you go in, grab a bowl (one size) or a waffle bowl and get to filling.  They have about 12-15 stations set up with different flavors of Frozen Yogurt with the nutritional information displayed (ex. dairy-free, low fat, tangy, sugar free).  

Good concept, but its hard for people, or me at least, to make it look pretty when you pull the lever and a big blobber comes out. That aside, there were dozens of kids pouring yogurt into their hands, spoons… and for the love of God no one better have put their mouth on it and called it a day. After you fill your bowl up with your desired flavor of froyo, you head to the toppings bar. They have every kind of healthy and unhealthy snack you can have.  

Fruity Pebbles, brownies, fresh fruit, graham crackers, coconut, heath bar, gummie bears, broken waffle cone.. the list goes on. By this time I had chosen their original frozen yogurt (tart, nonfat) with coconut, brownie, capt’n crunch, gummie bears, and mochi (google it-amazing).  I bypassed the liquid topings (called “hotties”) and slapped my masterpiece up on the scale. 12.6oz. hmmm… you may think to yourself.. wow thats a ton. Hell yeah it was a ton. and 12 oz of that was free! but… not even on the grand opening was he willing to cut me some slack. “Miss, your remaining total is $0.61…” are you effing kidding me? No he wasent.  I wish I had done what Andrew told me to do, and took a big scoop off the top, shoved it in my mouth and said “11.3oz,sir, that’ll be $1.12”.  Poo for slow thinking.

Anyways, i hate to say it, but I have been back twice, the product was just really good– much closer to Red Mango than the other companies. The other thing I like about it is that if you go for a heathy snack you can get the orginal, toss some fruit and granola and there ya go, but if you are feeling sinful, get the cake batter, with brownies, and cookie dough, add some hot fudge and your PMS is in heaven! Red Mango execs better get to work on opening some stores in the area… 

Moving on… to more food.
Found two great new resturants in the Irving area… Actually, not so much new, just new to me. 
First off, Mama’s Daughter’s Diner… SO GOOD.
Cheap, homestyle food. Served with a “lemme refill that for ya darlin'” and “we need to put some biscuits on those bones honey!”. Plus if you flash them pearly whites at the bus boys, they will bring ya a bread basket… yummy.  

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum.  Veggie Garden– A korean vegan buffet.  Pretty freaking amazing.  When I walked it, it was EMPTY….and that is how it stayed the entire time.
It’s stuck smack dab in the middle of little korea in Irving, it was pretty much the only english sign I could read.
So, when in America, do as the Americans do…find a Mickey Dees or a buffet.

I wish I had photos, but I grabbed a few from their website. 

In a Nutshell: 
Brown or White steamed rice (went with the brown- really good, not chewy or grainy like most) 
Sushi Veggie Rolls with brown rice (avocado, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, sprouts)
Spring Rolls with the same thing (not deep fried, in that condom-y rice paper thing)(sorry if TMI)
Soups: Carrot (AMAZING), Miso (AMMMAZING), and some bean sprout one (didnt try it) 
Tofu Galore- Lomein, kung po, steamed veggies and tofu. 
Veggie Tempura, homemade spicy tempura sauce 
Tomato, Onion and Cucumber salad
Delicious homemade vegan sweet bread with jam. 
and much much more. Full salad bar. 

It was probably my best price : food eaten ratio ever. And for $6.95 or something, thats not bad. 
Word of Caution: the brownies sucked. bleeehhh.

I will work on getting some fashion posts up, I have shopped wayyy to much this week. I just havent had time to set up the camera on a timer and get some shots. I will work on that this weekend. 🙂


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